Jacquard's Tuna

Understanding the most powerful fish of the sea.

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Tagging Tuna's

Tunas are caught off of the coast of Nova Scotia as safely and humanely possible where they will have a tag attached to them before they are released back into the ocean.

Collecting Data

With tags in place, we are able to collect vital information on each tuna, including but not limited to their vast migration paths, ecology and life histories.


Having more and more data collected on the species, we are better able to inform the local policy makers on the management of the species.

How you can help?

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Science and Research

Partnering with the Large Pelagic Research Center (LPRC), we're tracking and collecting vital information on North Atlantic Tuna to better understand its life histories and ecology.

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The Jacquards Family

From a small fishing village on the sw corner of Nova Scotia (Wedgeport)sport tuna capital of the world,the modern day Jacquard’s Eric(father)Camille Joel... are 5th generation commercial fisherman. Theses guys are salty...

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Wedgeport, NS

From 1935 to the mid -1960’s, Wedgeport was the Sport Tuna Fishing capitol of the world. The bluefin tuna was attracted close to the shores of Wedgeport by the abundance of feed-fish, thus making the Tusket River and the Tuna Rip excellent tuna fishing grounds.

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Tagging Expedition

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