The Jacquards Family 

"These guys are salty..."

From a small fishing village on the sw corner of Nova Scotia (Wedgeport)sport tuna capital of the world,the modern day Jacquard’s Eric(father)Camille Joel... are 5th generation commercial fisherman. Theses guys are salty, and put some salty days in the course of a year with their main fishery being lobster, that runs from the last Monday of November to the last day of May. The rest of the season they may be found fishing johna crabs, big eye,swordfish etc but the true family passion comes together during August through October when they put their focus on the most powerful fish in the ocean, an apex predator the bluefin tuna, or Volkswagen of the seas as they are sometimes called because of their immense size, they have been recorded to weigh up to 1500lbs!

Sure you’ve all seen the tv shows and know all about it but we(they) do something different, about a decade ago the most valuable fish in the ocean became the not so much most valuable fish in the ocean ( even though tv would leave you to believe the opposite) maybe partially because they were more abundant ? To us it appeared, but yet there was so much unknown. Matter of fact basically nobody knew nothing about the amazing creatures ! So Eric still being in love with catching these monsters, took a different approach, while being the president of the SWNTA, he was fortunate to meet and talk to a lot of interesting people. One of them being Molly Lutcavage from the Large Pelagic Research... since then (2002) this team has tagged thousands of bluefin, by doing so and gathering other samples from the fish Molly and her team have become some if not the most knowledgeable in this subject.

Now before Molly met the Jacquard’s she had been working with another salty guy in the states, but fish had faded off there and was no longer very productive for either party, but this guy was as passionate about the bluefin as the Jacquard’s and Molly always insinuated that they meet. At some point it happened, The Jacquard’s met Anthony Mendillo, who now resides in Isla Mujeres Mexico, he operates keen m sport Fishing there. He also never lost touch of scientific side, and being in the business of getting to know more and more people he ended up directing the likes of other large ocean research companies such as the guy Harvey ocean foundation to support this program.

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